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Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. To view the answers, please click on the arrow icons below.

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Yes, it is! Everyone can advertise their unwanted items for FREE with no hidden costs.

Yes, there are some restrictions on what may be advertised. To learn more about advertising guidelines, please visit our advertisement guidelines page

Once approved, your Ad will run for a period of 60 days before it expires. If you sell your item during these 60 days, please login to your account and mark you item as ‘Sold’. If you haven’t sold your item and would like to renew it, simply go to you ad and click ‘Renew’.

Once your item has been sold and you wish to change the status of your ad, please go into your listing and click the red ‘Edit’ button. From here, you will see a checkbox towards the top of the page saying ‘Mark as Sold’ – simply check this box and save changes.

Our Consumer Marketplace caters to all private residents across South Devon, and offers a FREE lifetime membership to advertise their items for sale. For more information on memberships, please visit our advertising page

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